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Cholera one of the pandemic diseases in Africa

Cholera out break in Zanzibar kills about 45

The pandemic disease Cholera is among the furious diseases following Ebola & Malaria that makes most people in African states to be in a poor state of living.[1]

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According to the literature view, Cholera is an acute epidemic infectious disease caused by Vibrio cholerae, characterized by profuse watery diarrhea, extreme loss of fluid and electrolytes, and prostration.

This infectious disease which of recent out broke in one of the neighboring countries Zanzibar, has left 45 dead and it is believed that it is to kill more if the health official don’t act fast on the disastrous disease.[4]

A Zanzibar health official says the disease outbreak on the island archipelago has killed at least 45 people since March.[8]

Muhammed Dahoma, the director of disease prevention and control at the health ministry, said on Wednesday that 3 000 people have been hospitalised with cholera.[4]

The government of Zanzibar has recently taken steps to stem the outbreak,[9] including banning the sale of food and juices in open areas.

The government has also established several camps in the islands of Unguja and Pemba where cholera patients are isolated. Heavy rains continue to pound parts of Zanzibar,[1]  clogging sewer systems and exacerbating the cholera problem.

The disease outbreak threatens Zanzibar’s lucrative tourism industry, especially if it extends into June when tourism season enters its peak.[1]

Its really dengerous for the people of Zanzibar,[6] Cholera is a deadly disease which has killed thousands of people in world. Lets pray for our brothers and sisters over there, may God protect all those who are not yet infected and also heal those who are already infected.[2]

Source: News24

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