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John Krafcik
Google's self-driving car on road test

Google Employs John Krafcik as The CEO of Its Self-Driving Car Project

When you figure out, almost all tech companies always look for leaders in different departments, today, Google has also employed some one known as John Krafcik with numerous years automotive experience who will be named as the CEO of its automatic car project.

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John Krafcik worked for Ford Motor Company for 14 years.

After he got a job in Hyundai Motors were he worked for 10 years, within that ten years period, he led Hyndai as the CEO and president for five years.

Google has a big future plan with its self-driving car unit and its expecting to make a lot of money from that project in the near future, recently the self-driving cars went on a road test but unfortunately some of them were knocked by human drivers and for that reason, the testing did not go very successful.

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