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Netflix Goes Live In 130 New Countries Globally

The American subscription based film and television program rental service has now gone live 130 countries around the world almost everywhere except China, it has now become the world’s leading internet television network with more than 70 million members in more than 190 countries, the company Co-founder and Chief Excecutive Officer, Reed Hastings made the announcement at Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) IN Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

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Today, iam very glad to announce that the new global TV network, consumers around the world will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies simultaneously, you don’t need to wait, its upon you to enjoy whenever, wherever on any device of your choice“ said Hastings.”

The coverage will soon be in all countries!

The Ugandan Netflix website was switched on at www.netflix.com/ug on Wednesday and advertised a price of $7.99 ( 27,000shs) per month with a free month’s trial.

However, Netflix is not yet available in North Korea, Crimea, Syria and China because of US government restrictions on American Companies, but the company is still finding a way to provide a service.

You can easily try Netflix for free for one month by signing up here: www.netflix.com and you can see a full list of countries and territories where Netflix is available by clicking here.

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