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UberPOP, the so called illegal taxi operating company in France

Two Uber Leaders Arrested In France

Both the Chief Executive Officer of Uber France, Thibaud Simphal and the General manager of Uber Europe, Pierre Dimitri have been arrested and put in prison today in Paris, France regarding two different allegations.

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The French police begun its investigations on Uber since late last year and it attacked its office in March this year 2015 for charges which includes:

(1) Uber france operating an illegal taxi company that changed its original name from Ubercab to Uber.

( 2 ) The French police said that the company is hiding illegal documents and currently some other documents are nowhere to be seen which is giving them a hard time to continue with their investigations.

The arrests came just after a few days of the violent protests which left over 70 cars damaged and others burnt, the Riot police in Paris deployed tear gas on taxi driver protestors, taxi drivers wanted Uber to end its cheapest taxi services and this is one of the reasons why the two Company Executives were arrested today.

UberPOP has been operating illegally in France since it launched early 2014.

Its regarded as a confusing name compared to Uber X in France which is the same as the one in the USA.

With UberPOP, anyone is free to become a driver without a professional driving license, for instance if a driver of UberPOP gets fined, the company pays off the fine as soon as possible and tells them to continue work, this was seen as unreasonable competition to many taxi drivers in Paris and that’s why they carried out a big protest against UberPOP on thursday last week.

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