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7 Things Girls With Beautiful Hair ‘Never Do’

All girls dream of long and healthy locks and would even be willing to spend alot of money for it.[9] But first, you need to treat it healthy. [3]There are some things that women with beautiful hair just don’t do. Take a leaf out of their book to help treat your strands right and get closer to the lush mane you always wanted.[1] Are you guilty of doing these?

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Now you know better to care for your hair so that it can become beautiful

1. They Don’t Get Quick-Fix Haircuts

Instead of opting for a haircut at your neighboring salon just because it’s cheap,[2] treat yourself to an experience with a more qualified stylist. [5]Splash out for a more professional experience where the stylist will understand the movement of your natural texture and give you a cut suited for it. This will help in air-drying it without too much styling.[8] It’s worth the splurge!

1. They Don’t Ignore Their Scalp

beautiful hair

How much attention do you really pay to your scalp? Taking care of it is the key to healthy, strong hair. [9]Use a shampoo based on how dry/ oily/ itchy your scalp feels and try to pick one that is sulfate-free and devoid of any harmful chemicals. [12]Indulge in a scalp massage regularly with your fave almond or coconut oil to help increase blood circulation in the scalp, relax you and encourage stronger hair growth.[1]

3. They Don’t Wash Every Day

Many women with gorgeous hair don’t wash it more than twice a week. [10]We’ve been stressing a lot on not washing your hair too often as shampoo strips away the hair’s natural oils and dries it out. [3]Try cutting down your washes and you will notice that your strands feel stronger and not as dry as before.[9] Plus, it cuts down the amount of time you spend styling your locks, so it’s a win-win!

4. They Don’t Neglect Brushing

You should brush your hair once a day to get rid of dead hair, [2]stimulate your scalp and even distribute the natural oils across your strands.[1] Not brushing regularly can cause your strands to look dull. Just make sure you start from the ends and work your way up.

5. They Don’t Blow Dry Often

Women with healthy hair know the importance of taking a break from heat. [6]Cut down on your blow drying to prevent dryness and damage and give your strands a break.

6. They Don’t Ignore Their Ends

The ends of your hair are actually the oldest part of your strands and are prone to dryness. [9]Pay attention to them, use coconut oil to moisturize and snip them off if damaged. [7]You can’t ignore split ends and hope they go away, they’re just going to spread up your hair shaft and prevent growth. [13]Make sure you trim away those ends every 3 months to help your locks grow longer and look much healthier.

7. They Don’t Forget To Add Extra Moisture

beautiful hair

Giving your strands an extra boost of nourishment with leave-in creams, [5]oils and hair masks is important for strong, shiny hair. [11]Pamper your hair with extra moisture regularly. Also foods like fish, fresh veggies, nuts, avocados and lots of protein is what you should be feeding it to help keep it healthy and happy.[1]

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