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Phaneroo’s Apostle Grace Lubega Urges His Followers To Shun Bobi Wine, Calls Him GANJA MAN!

Apostle Grace Lubega has advised Ugandans to stop being emotional and misled by people who have ill intentions to their country.

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While preaching at Phaneroo church, he told the congregation not to surrender the country to a ganja man(Bobi Wine) who’s being funded by Lesbians Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) campaigners since Uganda is a God-fearing country.

“You can’t get a drug addict to lead this country. You can’t be a believer and choose a ganja man to lead this country… No” preached Grace Lubega. The message was well received by the followers who were heard chanting ‘No you can’t’.

He added that “we shall not allow fellows of side B in our nation” referring to LGBT who are the key funders of people power.

This seemingly annoyed controversial Muk lecturer Dr Stella nyanzi who launched a prolonged attack on the proclaimed apostle stating.

Last night I was sent this video of pastor Grace Lubega of phaneroo dissing Bobi Wine at the pulpit. I shuddered with great pain and disappointment as I watched many Ugandan believers swallowing wholesale the hateful and highly judgmental message. For a moment I regretted belonging to the church in Uganda i was ashamed by the levels of dogma in church today, I felt sorry for the manifest ignorance. This prompted me to transcribe to this sermon as I unpack many erroneous assumptions of this apostle.

Watch video below:

“Firstly, the pastor refers to Bobi as ‘a drug addict’, ‘a ganja man’, ‘a fellow of side B’, ‘a man with a side B’, and ‘a man whose God is weed’. These names allude to Bobi being hooked onto drugs, smoking weed, having anal sex, and being either homosexual or bisexual. Huh!”

Where is the proof that Bobi Wine is addicted to drugs? What drugs? Where is the proof that he’s hooked onto ganja? Where is the evidence that Bobi has anal sex? Does he f**k butts or is his butt f**ked? Or in fact does Bobi enjoy a bit of both, in addition to f**king vaginas? Did Bobi f**k this pastor’s anus or did Pastor Grace Lubega f**k Bobi’s anus? Where is the proof that Bobi Wine is a drug-addicted ganja-smoking butt-f**king gay man? Without proof, this Phaneroo pastor is a deluded naysayer abusing the pulpit to mudsling, ridicule, insult, incriminate smear shit and spread hearsay upon an innocent Ugandan leader. What a shame, shame shame.

From scripture, it is clear that God often chooses the most unlikely candidates to be the leaders of great nations facing crisis. Bobi may indeed be a ‘drug addict’, ‘ganja man’, and a ‘man of side B’ as accused. God is no respector of persons. If the people of the ghetto chose him for Ghetto President, the people of Magere chose him as Empologoma ye Magere, the people of Kyaddondo East chose him as their Honorable Member of Parliament, and the people of Uganda have faith in him as the leader of the People Power movement, why hate on his anointing to lead? Why preach hatred for a man on a mission from God in consortium with all the good God’s and goddesses of Uganda? Pastor Grace Lubega, ushindwe sheitwani wewe!

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