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Amazon head office in the U.S

Top 10 Companies With The Highest Number Of Global Employees

These are companies we all love to work for, they also represents brands that so many people around the world love to use ranging from software and hardware technology industry to foods and beverage.

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These are very popular companies and they also have offices in different parts of the world with more than 2 million employees all together.

A company like Amazon has plans to hire more people or to create more jobs of about over 100,000 new employees especially in America though it now has a drone that helps to deliver packages to its customers.

Here’s the list of the top 10 companies with the huge number of global employees.

No: Company Products & services No of Global employees
1 Amazon E-commerce 341,000
2 starbucks Coffee 330,000
3 Deloite Management consulting 244,000
4 JPMorgan Chase & Co Financial services 240,000
5 United Health group Hospital & Healthcare 230,000
6 The Walt Disney Company Entertainment 195,000
7 KPMG Auditing 189,000
8 Verizon IT and Services 161,000
9 Comcast NBC Universal Media production 160,000
10 Dell Technologies IT & Services 145,000

The above are companies that operate around the world and that’s why they do have numerous employees in almost all continents.





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