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what you need about pregnancy

What You Need To Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy can happen when a boy and a girl have sex without a condom or other contraceptives. During sex,[9] sperm is deposited in the girl’s Vagina and swims towards the cervix, from then on, you will most likely be expecting a baby.

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The sperm swims through the cervix,[4] into the womb and into the fallopian tubes where they can live for around 3 to 5 days.

Fertilization – If the girl’s egg is already in the tubes or arrives in the tubes within the 3 to 5 days; one of the sperm can enter the egg and fertilize it.[2]

Implantation – The fertilized egg attaches itself in the womb where it starts growing into a baby.[12] This marks the initialization of a pregnancy

At what age does pregnancy happen?

“Can a 13 or 12 year-old girl get pregnant?”

“Well,[10] if a girl has sex with a boy before her very first menstruation can she get pregnant?”

Therefore any girl who has reached puberty can get pregnant if she has unprotected sex hence a girl at 13 or 12 can get pregnant if already in her puberty.[9]

Similarly a boy who has reached puberty can make a girl  Pregnant.[7] Puberty in boys may start as early as 11 years.

Does a girl have safe days?

This is one of the common words usually used by partners in a relationship to have unprotected.[5]

Let’s be realistic, As long as your menstrual cycle is irregular,[8] it is risky to prevent pregnancy. There are no safe days from pregnancy.[3] If you are sexually active use a reliable contraceptive method to protect yourself from pregnancy.

How to protect yourself from pregnancy

Abstinence is the best protection against pregnancy. [6]If you are not having sex, there is no way you can become pregnant or make a girl pregnant. You can also avoid getting pregnant by using condoms.

How to have safer sex

Discuss safer sex with your partner because,[10] communication is essential

Visit a health care provider to get advice on how to be safe

Always use a condom- This protects you from unwanted pregnancy,[15] HIV, STIs. If your partner doesn’t want to use a condom, talk to him/her about it.[7] Remind your partner that you can enjoy sex and safer sex when you use a condom. You don’t have to worry about having a baby before you are ready.[8]

If your partner still insists, then you can decide not have sex with until you are both ready to enjoy safe sex.[4]

Use a second of protection such as the pill, injection,[3] implant or IUD. This will ensure you don’t have unplanned pregnancy and you can wait to have a family until you are ready.

Your health care provider can advise you on how to use a condom, safer sex, contraception and answer any further sexual health questions you may have.[2]

What can happen if you don’t have safe sex?

Unplanned pregnancy

If you have unsafe sex then the man’s sperm and the women’s egg can meet and may produce a baby.[6] If you think you or your partner is pregnant, miss a period, start to feel sick,[9] vomit or feel dizzy then speak with a healthcare provider. They will be able to give you advice, test and help you plan for your pregnancy care. [7]Unsafe sex can also predispose you sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

It’s important you visit a health facility for antenatal care once found pregnant.[10]

This is a healthy practice for you and the baby.

Early detection and management of pregnancy.[12]

Health concerns like Malaria, HIV and STIs.

Nutritional support

Tetanus immunization

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