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Akon launches solar academy which will provide Electricity to 600 Million Africans

On Thursday, the Senegalese American based  singer, Akon launched solar academy which will supply more than 600 million Africans with electricity power .

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The singer announced that he is officially launching a new solar academy in Africa as part of his Akon lighting Africa Initiative that aim to supply Electricity to 600 million people across Africa.

A very big thanks to Akon!

The Institution will set to open this summer in Mali’s capital Bamako, it will train African entrepreneurs and Engineers on how to acquire skills needed to create solar power electricity, the European experts will help with the equipment and training.

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The main target of this academy is to teach participants how to fix and sustain solar-powered electricity and microgrids.

The founder of Akon Lighting Africa, Samba Baithily said,” Africa has 320 days of sunshine in a year, therefore we have the sun and innovative technologies to supply electricity to homes and communities.”

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