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Zeferu trying to test his aircraft engine

Meet The 35 Year Old Ethiopian Man Who Built His Own Aircraft From His Home

When this Ethiopian man, Asmelash Zeferu was still a young boy, he had a dream that one day he will be a pilot, and as he grew up he still had the same dream and not only to be a pilot but also to build his own Air craft, Zeferu admired the Wright brothers who made the first plane.

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The 35 year old Ethiopian has a strong belief that one day soon he will succeed with his plan of completing his own plane, he has faced many challenges and setbacks in his prospective carrier, though he has never stepped his feet in a plane, the amateur aircraft builder believes he will fullfil his dreams.

Many years ago, Zeferu wanted to leave Alemaya University in order to join the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy and of which he was refused to enrol because he failed to meet the standard requirements, he was so disappointed after being rejected, it was a strong pinch to Zeferu’s dream of flying a plane.

This Ethiopian Engineer is determined!

After refusing me to enroll at the Airline Aviation Academy way back in 2001, I decided to build my own aircraft from scratch in order to fulfill my aerial ambitions, “said Zeferu.”

Zeferu has spent more than 10 years trying to read different air craft books, search the web for YouTube videos learning plane craft building,  he got the knowledge and begun building the first ever home-built aircraft using first and second-hand materials / components he collected from workshops and garages.

His aircraft is powered by a horizontally opposed 40 horse power second-hand Volkswagen beetle  engine and it can run up to 3000rpm with 4 cylinders and 4 stroke, he made a fuselage from wood and mounted his aircraft on a wheel-base of a Suzuki motorcycle frame.

Zeferu named his aircraft K-570A which represents his mother’s first name, Kiro and 570 representing the number of days it took him to complete his aircraft, lastly “A” represents aircraft.

The amateur aircraft builder was finally offered a fully paid scholarship to go and study Aeronautical Engineering  at Inholland University of Applied Sciences  in the Netherlands.

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