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Why Tony Was Put In His Right Place!

“Your over confidence annoys me at times, like this girl cannot leave you? Wait, who exactly do you think you are and what do you give to her that has given you such a mindset that she’s stuck on you ?” Robert asked Tony as they munched pork at a joint in Pamba.

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“Look Robert eh, you see that girl, i am her only hope in this World. Even if she catches me with another woman she won’t leave. She will just cry and then forgive me because she knows she cannot survive without me. In fact, she’s my personal ATM.” Tony said as he laughed out loud much to Robert’s annoyance.

Robert knows very well that Tony was never going to settle down with Tity and so it annoyed him the most with the way he was playing with her emotions and feelings.

“Tony, you know you are never going to marry this girl, you told me that yourself in confidence, so why are you still keeping her around and chasing away potential suitors who wouldn’t hesitate to marry her. She cooks for you, washes your clothes, gives you money and apart from that she loves you like her life depends on it. The other day you got money from her and took another girl out. Tony, stop this, just stop it.”

At this point Tony was beginning to get angry and he didn’t make any move to hide his anger.

“Look Robert, what is your problem?what is it? Is she getting that money from you to give to me? Leave my relationship alone and just concentrate on the free pork I brought you out to eat. In fact Let me tell them to forget about the beer.”

Robert held his hands and asked him to calm down. “You don’t need to get mad, make them bring the thing eh.”

Tony went home obviously reeking of alcohol and met Tity at home cooking.  When she questioned him about his drinking attitude, he threatened to throw her out of his house or end the relationship like he always does and then she knelt down and started begging him, much to his delight.

Tity stepped out after Tony had dozed off, that was after he’d eaten the palatable dish she prepared for him. She went to the nearby kiosk to get an airtime scratch card.

“Mama Junior, please gimme some airtime.” She was surprised when Mama Junior asked her to sit down for a while that she has something to tell her.

Totoke Ijunia, I hope there is no problem.” Mama Junior smiled at her and said “all is well. ”

“Tity, I haven’t known you now for over two years. I just know you as Tony’s girlfriend. But let me ask you something. Is Tony the kind of man you want to marry?”

She was thrown off balance by the question, she didn’t expect it, at least not from Mama Junior.

“You see, you’ve failed to answer. I heard that whenever Tony brings in a new girl, he introduces her to you as his cousin sister and you head out to the market to get something to prepare for the visitor, by the time you come back the girl is no where to be seen, haven’t you for once seen a lie as a lie.”

Tity nodded in the affirmative “I know that he lies, but what can i really do? Mama Junior I too love Tony and you know, he does me well in the other room.”

Mama Junior checked if Junior was sleeping  and both of them started laughing.

“He does you well in the other room, huh? So that is what has been  confusing you eeh, you think he loves you. My daughter, you’re giving that man your money and he will use it one day to pay bride price for another woman and that is when you will get  sense. A cute girl like you, just look at your hips, very fine bala amot na ocapa, emukule da ngon elilim cici bala akipi nu Agwara and you’re here wasting your life away with a jobless good for nothing fool.” Mama Junior handed her the airtime scratch card and bid her farewell.

Tity just couldn’t sleep, Mama Junior’s words really got into her. Deep down she wasn’t even sure if she was truly in love with Tony or was just scared of loosing the 45 mins of pleasure she enjoyed from him, in fact, that’s the only time he communicates with her, they had no intimate talks about anything as he was always never available.

Few weeks Later.

“There’s this attitude i have noticed in you of late. You don’t call me again or even come to cook or wash clothes, you don’t even check up on me like you used to do, you have started seeing someone else, right? If you are not careful i will walk out of this relationship.” Tony ranted.

Tity laughed so hard much to the surprise of Tony.

“Overgrown baby, oh, they should just give you a pen and paper to write primary living exams again since you don’t want to have sense. Break up with me? You that i have broken up with in my mind, my soul and my spirit? It’s my name you stored in your phone as ‘House Girl’. I don’t blame you, i didn’t know my worth back then and I accepted whatever crap you threw at me. You know I am a good girl, as in you know, I dropped all my platonic male friends for your sake i even went the extra miles

just to see you happy, all that is in the past now. The only reason you kept me all this while was because of my money, and it made you the most luckiest and happiest man alive. I am a Queen Tony, I will never settle for less, I will never be pleased only in bed and become a slave outside of it, I deserve better and I’m going to get it.. I’m so done with you and your sorry as. ”

With those words she slammed the door and walked out leaving Tony rooted to one spot and his legs shaking at the same time. He knew he had lost a rare game, one he will never find anywhere, he broke down in tears as he watched her enter a SUV.

Our Happiness is tied to no one but you.

Don’t be with someone because they make your body feel good, be with them because they bring out the best in you and make you better than you were.

Dear ladies, you are all Queens (not slay queens though), if he doesn’t appreciate you, then he doesn’t deserve you.. Trust me, I know!!

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