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How I Met Rebecca, A Fair-Skinned Super Model With Long Legs

Have you ever been to one? I’m not going to judge you if you say yes. And here is why, I’ve been to one too. Don’t judge me if you’ve never visited. By the way, that’s a long time ago. God has forgiven and forgotten, I hope you do the same too.

But even if you don’t, both God and I don’t care!

During those dirty days of my life, I had this favourite girl. Not your everyday kind of prostitute. Her kind of beauty belongs in the palace and not in a brothel.

Fair-skinned, long legs, slender shape. Think of her as a super model waiting to be discovered. To crown it all, Rebecca, as I fondly call her, was intelligence personified.

As much as I enjoyed playing “Olympics” with her, the effect of having a discussion with her was as orgasmic as that of the former.

What topic was there that she couldn’t discuss? What argument was there that she couldn’t give a good shot at winning?

We talked politics, both local and international. We debated social injustice, feminism, terrorism, and strangely, God.

Imagine two sinners talking about a holy God on an unholy bed. But we didn’t care. All we cared about was us. That was all that mattered.

But that became a problem for us because what was supposed to be strictly a sexual relationship became platonic. I was just to be a client, but I became a friend.

Simply put, we became best of friends.

And so overtime, like a bulb of onion being peeled, she began to unravel her private life to me; specifically, how she got into the world of prostitution.

I almost cried my lungs out the day she let the details out.

But of all the stories Rebecca told me, there was one that changed my life.

Who says God can’t speak through a prostitute? Isn’t he a God that works in mysterious ways, or are prostitutes exempted from his mysterious ways?

Before Rebecca came to the city, she told me she was plying her trade in her village. She operated from her home, and so customers who needed her services had to visit her at home.

On this particular day, around 11pm, as she stood in front of her house, dressed in a skimpy skirt with a top that was as good as her being topless, she sighted two guys approaching.

She became excited at their sudden appearance because two men meant more money. And so she took them in and opened up the conversation to ascertain the details of their brief.

Was it going to be all night or 30 minutes? A threesome or one at a time?

Skin or with protection? Head or no head?

Rebecca, like a good lawyer, loved being detailed when taking a client’s brief.

But she got the shock of her life when the two men revealed that they were not there for sex. Her mind skipped. She knew she was in danger.

What could be their mission if it wasn’t sex?

They were not there for sex, they were spies. Rebecca village was about to be invaded by a neighbouring village, a village they’ve been at war with for ages.

Their mission had been uncovered; they were being pursued, and so needed to hide in Rebecca house. There she was, thinking of what to do with the men when she heard a knock on the door.

The village warriors had arrived.

They got the intel that the two men were in her house.

She opened the door. She acknowledged that the men were in her place but that they had left.

They didn’t believe her, and so they began a search. They didn’t see anyone. They were disappointed and in frustration they left.

She had hidden them on the ceiling. And at about 12 midnight, she let them down, and with her detailed instructions, they escaped.

But before they did, she negotiated a deal, an oath from them that upon their invasion, she and her family would be spared.

Few days after, they invaded, and they massacred all, but Rebecca and her family were spared.

And that was how she found herself in the city and was about falling in love with yours truly, the magic man.

Rebecca concluded her story by telling me that if not that she had discerned that those men were not ordinary men though they looked ordinary; she would have fallen to the sword just like others.

In her words-

”I saw them beyond their looks, and that became my miracle.”

Rebecca called it the law of recognition. She said you can’t leverage what you don’t first recognise, and that it is the principle that has kept her alive and in business till date.

At that saying, I wondered whether she was applying the same principle by endearing herself to me.

Was she trying to leverage our sexual relationship having recognised something about me?

Well, I never got to know the answer. And that’s because one day, I visited Rebecca, and she was gone. She had disappeared .

Till date, neither I nor anyone else can tell what became of her.

But I know what became of a certain felon on the cross who recognised the man hanging on the middle cross next to him.

He leveraged on that recognition, and made it to paradise.

Rebecca may have disappeared into thin air, but the lesson I learnt from her that day will forever be etched in my heart.

And that is that-

“You can’t leverage what you don’t first recognise.”- Rebecca

By Eninu William: [email protected]

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